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At San Terra Properties we strive to be the best real estate company in the San Diego area. Our main priority is to be the main real estate company for this area and to succeed at helping you, your family, and your friends meet their real estate needs. Are you looking for superb real estate listings to find your next home? Are you looking for an experienced real estate agent to help you find or sell your home? We offer great real estate services that will prove why we are one of the most successful real estate companies in the San Diego area. If you are looking for commitment, experience, and a dependable real estate agent, contact us to learn more about the services we can offer you.

The Services

Below is an overall summary of some of the services that we offer. To learn more, please call (858) 832-7800.

Property Management

We offer property management for any rental property that needs to be overseen or operated. We offer assistance in property management, which means we can help you maintain rental properties. We can help by taking a little bit off of your plate and maintaining the property successfully. There is a lot of work to be done in property management, so why not receive some assistance?

Real Estate

Below are three of the services we can offer you, your family, or your friends.


If you are in the market to buy a new home, we offer real estate listings that could have your next home in them. We have top-quality homes for sale, and the real estate agent you pick will ensure that we are able to find you the home of your dreams. Our real estate agents exhibit the best skills, experience, and talent to ensure you are able to buy your next home for a great price.


Are you selling your home? Do you want to start taking the steps to sell your home? We can help you sell your home. Selling your home can be very difficult if you don’t have an experienced, dependable real estate agent at your disposal. Thankfully, our team of real estate agents are able to accommodate your needs and sell your home.

To learn more about any of our services or if you want to take advantage of them, contact us.

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