When it comes to real estate in San Diego, the options are nearly limitless. From a small two bedroom home to a spacious estate, there is something to be found for everyone, but when the options are so numerous, the process can wind up feeling extremely overwhelming. This is particularly true for a first time homebuyer, but even seasoned buyers with portfolios of properties can still feel their heads swimming when facing the final buying decision. To help you out, our expert team here at San Terra Properties has compiled four house hunting tips to help you along the way.


One of the biggest determining factors in your hunt will be the budget you have to work with. Crunch the numbers, talk to your financial advisor, and be clear about what budget you need to stick to during the buying process. Try to have some flexibility in your budget, as you may come across a home that is absolutely perfect but slightly out of range of your original budget. That being said, do not invest your time in touring properties that are so far out of reach of your budget you cannot afford them.


Before you hit the streets with your real estate agent, spend some time compiling your must haves, your cannot stands, and whatever dreams you have for the future of your home. Are you buying this home for your family to use for years to come? Are you planning on flipping the property and selling it later? These questions will play a role in how much dreaming you do about the property. Think big, but also delve down into the details.

The following are some good details to consider when making your list:

  • Number of bedrooms desired
  • Number of bathrooms needed
  • Square footage wanted
  • Location preferences (This could be based upon a variety of factors, including crime rates, school districts, proximity to restaurants, nightlife, and more.)
  • Type of build (old home or a new construction)
  • Kitchen space needed
  • Any extra room preferences you have (i.e. den, living room, kids play room, office)

These are only some of the details you should consider. Brainstorm as much as you possibly can during this stage. There is nothing too small or big to write down. Just because you think you will keep everything in the forefront of your mind does not mean you should not write it down. It is very easy during the process of looking at real estate to lose sight of what it was you originally wanted.


Finding a real estate agent you can trust will be invaluable in the process of house hunting. Going through the process alone will be far more stressful and leave you with less options than if you partner with an experienced real estate agent.

Peruse an online listing of our real estate agents, and feel free to reach out to someone on the team. Our agents are professional and friendly. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have about the process of house hunting in San Diego. You can even reach out to our agents during the process of making a list. We have excellent suggestions for what you need to know before going into the buying process.


Once you have your trusted real estate agent lined up, it is time to get started viewing properties. During this part of the process, it is extremely beneficial to keep an open mind. Instead of writing off properties immediately before giving them a shot, try viewing properties you might not be sold on immediately. You would be surprised how many of our clients wind up falling in love with a home they would have never considered at first. Our agents will work hard to match only the real estate we believe would be a good fit for you. Refer to your list as you view properties, and eliminate ones you know are missing too many important elements. Narrow down the search to your top picks, and finally decide upon the home you want to invest in. Remember, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by the process of house hunting, but that is why our team is here to help you every step of the way. Employ these four steps, and you will be well on your way to finding the real estate in San Diego that is right for you!