When it comes down to buying a house, most potential buyers are riddled with questions. From wondering what neighborhood to buy in to determining the square footage you need, there are a million questions keeping you up at night. The entire process can wind up feeling overwhelming and confusing. The chaos around buying a home can leave you feeling uncertain about your decision to even do so! Here at San Terra Properties, we aim to answer all your San Diego real estate questions and to calm your nerves. Buying a home can be an exciting and low-stress process when you work with the right real estate agency like ours. Today we focus on the common question we hear: when is the best time to buy a house?


The balmy fall air of fall time is upon us and for most this means the excitement of the holidays, delicious fall time drinks, and the sending off of the kids to school. However, fall time is more than just a time to sip on a pumpkin flavored drink, it has actually been proven to be the best season for buying a house. When it comes to the very best month to buy a home, October is the golden ticket. Don’t worry though, even with October just passing us, the rest of fall leading all the way into the end of the year is still a great time to purchase a home.

Why is it that buying a home in the fall and early winter is so much better? People who close on homes during these months are closing at lower numbers than those who wait for spring or summer to purchase. What is it that makes this time frame a cheaper time to buy a home? The following are some reasons.


  • Fewer Buyers on the Market: One of the biggest competitive advantages to buying a home in the fall and winter is that there simply is less competition for you as a buyer. With the busy holiday season and school in session, many buyers are too strapped for time to consider taking on the process of home buying.
  • Serious Sellers: Another reason you can find a great deal at this time of year on a home is because the sellers tend to be more serious at this time of year. Most people who are selling a home in the fall are working hard to close a deal before the end of the year and possibly before the Christmas holiday season hits. This is an advantage for you as a buyer because this time crunch often leads to a better purchase price.


If you are on the hunt for a new house, talk to our friendly real estate agents today! Remember, this could be the perfect time of year to snag some real estate in San Diego at an exceptional price. Click the button below to browse our real estate agents online. We look forward to helping you find the home of your dreams soon!